Chris often receives messages of thanks from happy clients. Some of them are shown below.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Chris who has made such a huge impact on my young mare, Poppy. She is great in so many ways until it came to loading,  when I never knew how long it would take to get home! I had tired every method I thought there was, and as a last resort decided to receive some help from a horse whisperer. I thought that loading might become a bit easier, but never the transformation that has occurred. I have to say that I am overwhelmed with the results and the great work that Chris has done. Not only is she loading almost straight away but I have learnt key skills in handling her on the ground, which has made such a huge difference. Chris is a lovely guy and I highly recommend his services, whatever your problem. Here is a picture of us at our second outing, after a very calm and happy load! Thank you again Chris.

I just wanted to say thank you very much for your help on Tuesday evening, already I have noticed huge differences in Eni's behaviour. No problem catching him yesterday and I am utterly over the moon about the fact that I walked him past three sets of pigs at different points of a ride last evening and there was no planting of feet and refusing to go forward and no arguments and no getting off and leading or being led by my sister who was walking with me! In fact she walked behind us and we led her! He wasn't totally relaxed as he genuinely dislikes pigs and did jump in the air when one of them oinked loudly as we passed, but he was listening to me and he was forward going and then relaxed again fairly quickly once we'd passed the pigs. This is the first time in the 3 years I've had him that I have been able to just go ahead and do this ride without any issue what so ever!

He also stood still to be mounted I just used the same techniques you showed me when leading and asking him to stop. Noticeably he was listening to me so much more during the ride last evening - and much more confident with cars he barely looked at them (although I did have my sister walk in the middle of the road to ensure cars slowed right down for safety!)  it was all really pleasurable - I feel like I'm in control now rather than him. I can't thank you enough for teaching me some of the basics which I am definately going to discipline myself to keep up and not let slip! 

My sister was very pleased too as he made no attempt to bite or nudge her out of the way! Not a glint of teeth in sight!! (obviously won't take this granted though!). 

Many, many thanks; will be in touch for further advice once I've worked on these basics some more. 

Kind Regards, Louise

Hello Chris, Thank you so much for the great day I had on Tuesday and helping me with my horse, as well and in particular, myself.  You seemed to spot the exact problem almost immediately and start us working on it - many people have had similar opportunities and not helped with the fundamental issues, so I am very impressed!   I loved how you stayed exactly the same and didn't make me feel silly when my brain wasn't processing what you were saying.  And I especially loved the end result which far exceeded my expectations.  I feel that I have lots to work on and cannot wait to get practicing again :)  I can't thank you enough and will be singing your praises to all who will listen.  Take care and hope to see you soon, Jan
My husband, the lady that helps us and I have been trying to load our young mare into our horse trailer on and off for the best part of 9 months. The problem has been finding the time, enough time, and the patience as working with the horses is not what we do full time. We've had a phase of trying to bribe her for a few weeks and then left it and so on until we now reached this critical point where we couldn't keep cancelling our appointment to get her broken in. A friend of ours recommended you. We were most concerned that your approach was right, as someone had tried to help us in the past using force and that had failed and made things worse.

Your visit to us aside from achieving the main aim that was to load her, keep her on the trailer and be able to close the ramp, gave us a greater appreciation of the understanding you create between horse and trainer. As with most successes in life, as with human relationships, it's about being able to look at the problem from the other side's perspective and working to a solution with that in mind. That is precisely what you did firmly, but patiently and we are extremely grateful.

The test of the work you did is that we have both been able to load her each day since you left on Sunday and Monday and we shall do the same today. She had been frightened and didn't understand what was being asked of her and now she does.

Regards and best wishes, Sarah
I would like to thank Chris for his help with my 3 yr old gelding. I was unable to lead him without him trying to bite or strike me or barge me about to the point it was becoming unsafe for all. Chris came out and worked with him keeping me and my partner involved throughout so that we could understand what was happening. At the end of the visit we were able to lead him around where we wanted to go and he was such a calm relaxed horse a pleasure to see.

A week later and I have a horse who is a joy to be around again he has completely changed the way he is around me. There is a respect for me that was not there before and I feel confident again handling him and can progress our training.

I would not hesitate in contacting Chris if I encountered any problems in the future it was well worth it, thank you Chris and Sally.
Chris came to see my 13 year old TB who had a life long fear of cows. I knew some pressure release techniques and had used natural horsemanship on a few difficult TBs in the past with some success. I called Chris as I had hit a ceiling with my own horse however and didn't know how to get him over this deeply embedded fear that made him spin and bolt whenever he encountered his bovine nemesis! He had fallen over on me a few times and the problem was becoming deadly, for the both of us. Chris came and worked us for one day and then offered advice via the telephone and through his website and he taught me the skills to combat my horses fear. What Chris taught us was invaluable and only 3 weeks later I walked my TB through a field full of cattle without a hitch. It was a truly beautiful moment that I wont forget and it was all thanks to Chris, whose patients and dedication helped me and my horse. I would highly recommend using Chris for any problems you encounter with your horses behaviour. Your horse will thank you in the end! Serena Miller

Many thanks for coming out to see Mario for me. I really cannot believe that he is the same horse, from a barging nightmare and trying to jump out of his stable he is now a dream to lead and he goes straight in to the stable and waits till I leave the stable before he comes to the door. He stands back when he knows I'm coming in. You are really a miracle worker and my son is so pleased that we did not have to sell him as he was so dangerous. Thank you once again and will defiantly recommend you to anyone who says that they have a problem with there horse. Many thanks, Suzanne

We decided to take our mare out, Sunshine Sibble to her very first in hand show at The Heart of Wales show. Chris helped us along with her training for the show and he did a fantastic job as it was my first show and Sunshine's first show too! We spent 2 weeks prior to her show with Chris getting her to lead correctly and stand correctly, gaining her trust in us and more importantly listening. Chris & Sally came to the show which was very kind of them. She was very well behaved even when other horses danced around her. We came 1st in the cob /cob type class and 2nd in Best coloured. I can't wait to carry on with Sunshine Sibbles education and to go to more shows in the future with the guidance from the expert, Chris. Thanks again Chris. Love from, Dawn, Damian, Eilish  & Sunshine Sibble.


Thank you, for the journey with Oscar we have just been on. Your professional approach, dedication and above all patience with not only the horse but with me as well,
was brilliant. From what was a horse that used to bite ,rear, and had previously attacked me to the lovely well behaved now a left brain socialite in just 5 weeks is amazing.

To anyone who is thinking of Natural Horsemanship, DO IT. I know it's not cheap but the results and the transformation of not only the horse but the rider are so rewarding. They say NO PAIN NO GAIN in this case there is NO PAIN to the animal and every GAIN forward you can imagine.

I can confidently recommend Chris Brisbane and his dedicated team to anyone. If you would like to contact me Chris has all my details and I would be happy to tell you my journey. Regards Julia Lusher.

Thanks for letting me know Chris's recommendations. Will keep working Flash with what Chris showed us and see how we get on, and then be in touch. Flash is much better since Chris's visit - It was a pleasure to see him work, Kind Regards, Treena & Flash x

I have already ridden Elle twice now & she is coming on very well, so thank Chris for all his help - he has done a wonderful job with her i can really tell the difference!!! She has loaded into my lorry 3 times already on her own with no horses in the lorry & I have done work with her on the ground & on her back - I even cantered with her yesterday so all is going well!!! Fingers crossed i shall be ok from now on but will always keep Chris's number just in case i need his help in the future. Many thanks again for a wonderful job done, All the best Cheryl.

Hi Chris, Just to let you know how we are getting on after your visit to us on 19th May at Forden.   Well we are so pleased with Pinky he is back to his old self, easy to catch, happy to see us! and we have had his feet done which was a bit ticklish on the back hooves but nothing bad.    I have got a long lead rope and that is going well too he is far less nervous and a much happier pony.   The youngster with him is also responding well to the same methods and I am enjoying working with them again.    So many thanks to you for your help and advice and if you want an endorsement for marketing I would be happy for you to use us on your website/advertising. Best regards Gill Davies

Dear Chris, Just to let you know that we continue to make progress. Due to operations it has been slow, but my grey arab is much easier to handle, we open the local gates and he knows he can no longer intimidate me so there is much less nonsense. He still is a silly creature, but life is full of all sorts of horses as well as people, and his behaviour in his lessons is impeccable; my teacher cannot believe the difference in him. Thank you so very much, once again. I plan on getting some of your downloads but first I must get the ipod; I shall probably inherit one of my grandsons' hand-me-downs in due course. Yours, Barbara Vardag.

I would like to thank Chris for all his help. I found him very friendly on the phone and his download has helped me greatly with my 4 month old foal. Easy to follow and saved on my pc for whenever I need it. Thank you again, Stacey Price, West Midlands.

Dear Sally. Will you please convey my most sincere thanks to Chris for his marvellous help on Wednesday. I was so very impressed and I am looking forward to working with my horse in the hope of getting him to look as unworried and relaxed as he was with Chris. I shall be coming to see you again further down the road. I feel so lucky to have found you. Yours, Barbara.